About King's Automotive

ASE Certified

ASE MASTER CERTIFIED with over 25 years experience. I graduated from Hastings High School in 1984. Then I attended Dakota County Technical Institute in 1986 in a 2 year Automotive Mechanic Course. Since then I have been repairing Automobiles and attending classes to keep up with the modern technology that constantly changes on vehicles every year.


Repair every vehicle right the first time. Perform a thorough inspection on every vehicle and recommend only what needs attention. Prioritize repairs for the customer so he/she can make the best financial decision to meet their needs. We offer service NOT Sales.


I got involved in the Vintage repairs and updating of vehicles because of my passion for repairing. I have performed many projects through the years. These projects allow using modern day technology and applying it to your dream car - fathers - grandfathers or what ever the story may be. It's American muscle or American history. Whats your dream ride? History didn't allow the steering - suspension - electrical and fuel systems -  ... that we have today. Ride on